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Come See a Plankton Show!
Java Jim's Music Venue and Coffee House
525 Lincolnway
LaPorte, Indiana

August 12, 2005
Once again, plankton had a great time at Java Jim's! He really does get some awesome bands through his doors, so if you haven't been there yet, get your ass over there! The place is so cool inside, and with the expanded kitchen you can get great food and great entertainment in a great environment. If you don't like Java Jim's then there is something seriously wrong with you - not joking.

Okay, so anyway, enough about you...check out the show!

Sam Vicari - acoustic from Crown Point, Indiana.
[PHOTO] Sam gave a great performance! He has a very nice voice and is a super nice person!

The Word Play - from Canton, Michigan, playing indie rock.
[PHOTO]I love these guys! I got a CD and a t-shirt! Very nice guys and very cool sound - check these guys out!

Are They Indigo - Alternative rock from Michican City, Indiana.
[PHOTO] Not that I didn't like it, but they seemed pretty sloppy and were not a tight band. Nice guys, though, and that counts for a lot! The heros of the evening - they gave Killjoy Confetti a place to crash for the night! How cool is that?! Everyone seemed amused by their song "Who's Got the Crack."

Killjoy Confetti - from Muncie, Indiana, playing progressive indie rock.
[PHOTO]It was super cool to get to play a show with other chicks! These chicks rocked the house and even got Are They Indigo, also on the evening's bill, to dance wildly for half of their set!

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