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Plankton News
UPDATED 11/19/05


June 13, 2005
Rock out, peeps! We are very excited to announce that we have been taken on by the reknowned Rhonda Kelley of Rainmaker Publicty out of Boston! Rhonda will be guiding us through public relations nightmares such as: a CD release party (plans for a September 2005 release), getting reviews and write-ups in magazines, online presence awareness, and many, many more! Seriously, Rhonda totally rocks and you should check out her site Rainmaker PR to see for yourself just how great she is!

March 16, 2005
Coolies! We have a new song for you to listen to and if you have a moment...won't you e-mail us some feedback on it! Thanks in advance PLEASE! Check it out here:|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSkZVS3Zmo

October 6, 2004
Rock OUT! Bangin The Box: Songs For A National Championship Volume 1 is ready and available for purchase! Just click HERE to get yours!

Also, you can also feast your eyes on THIS ARTICLE about the release with quotes from bands on the CD (Tina from plankton, even, woohoo!) and some descriptions of the songs and bands! FUN!! WEE!!!

September 11, 2004
Wowies! Plankton was selected as one of 11 bands to appear on the soon-to-be-nationally-released compilation CD to promote wiffleball! The CD is titled "Fast Plastic Presents...Bangin The Box: Songs For A National Championship Volume 1." The release is scheduled to coincide with the organization's national championship in early October. A link will be posted on our web site when the CD is released so you can check it out and purchase one! It is for a good cause! "Wiffleball is safe and fun for all ages!" says Matt. You better listen to him... we do (*gulp*). Other bands with songs on the release are:

Google for 'em! Check them out!

July 24, 2004
Hey COOL! Our website was given a Silver Award by!!! Sites are judged on content, functionality, graphics, and usefulness to the general public. They also said...

"We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!"

We've been placed on the permanent winners list! We're proud and happy, people!

June 23, 2004
Massive Bandwidth Usage!

Holy smokes, people! We've been unavailable more than a few times, and sorry about that, due to the massive amounts of bandwidth used when people stream and/or download our songs here. To try and keep that from happening, I'm going to have to send you to our page at to stream/download stuff, but all the rest will still be here. It should open a new window for you so you can still view all the song's info in one window and listen to the song at garageBand in another window. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused... PLEASE KEEP DOWNLOADING AND LISTENING TO US!


March 23, 2004
Hey people!

Woah-ho-ho! What do we have here? It's plankton on the cover of this week's Culver Citizen!! Actually, we're not looking to get signed and want to remain an independent band. With our own recording studio and people who can write, play, and produce music - all we really need is some distribution and a booking agent. If anyone out there would like to help with that just let us know ;]


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