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Come See a Plankton Show!
The Seahorse Cabaret
1902 Western Ave.
South Bend, Indiana

February 24, 2006
This was an incredibly great time! Most of the bands were really nice - all but one, actually! The fun started at 10:00 p.m. with the band longsleeves followed by plankton, then luworm, bedtime, the savoy and wrapped up with an awesome performance by toobigtobeburied. Crazy fun was had by all. Kudos to n8 from toobigtobeburied for putting the whole thing together and getting the people there. n8 rocks!
Band watchers at The Seahorse Cabaret February 24, 2006

Band watchers at The Seahorse Cabaret February 24, 2006

[PHOTO] There were times when I was watching Shaggy play the drums and my mouth just dropped totally open, man. n8 rocks an acoustic like no one I have ever seen. If you get the chance to see these guys - you better take it, fool.

longsleeves - from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
[PHOTO] Excellent vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and keys/accordian make an interesting sound for longsleeves. Kind of reminded me of early R.E.M.

The Savoy
[PHOTO] These guys were okay. They performed well enough - I don't know. I guess I just felt like they had a bit too much attitude. There wasn't even a thank you for us letting them use our bass amp. It would have been cool if, instead of having both guitar guys hammering it out on the same spot on the neck, they had been on octaves or something...would have filled out the sound more - but WHAT DO I KNOW? I'M JUST A DUMB GIRL! Anyways, if you're into the whole "THE" band thing, check out these guys when you can. They seem to play out often so you should not have a problem with that. Okay - next...

I didn't get any pics of luworm, but he had this sort of ambient acoustic techno kind of thing going on. Interesting.

I didn't get any pics of bedtime, either, and that sucks. These guys were really really good. Catch them when you can.

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