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Come See a Plankton Show!
Java Jim's Music Venue and Coffee House
525 Lincolnway
LaPorte, Indiana

October 23, 2004
People, I can't tell you how fun this show was. We had a great time with the other bands. Even though they weren't all my style, they were all very good and everyone had such interesting stuff going on on the stage...good times, good times. I got some shots of all the bands so use the links to check 'em out! Make sure you check out their web sites, too, or I'll get your IP and screw you big time...just kidding ;] But - seriously...check them out!

One Secret - a local screamo band.
[PHOTO] These kids were actually pretty good! The only problem was they didn't have the vocalist's mic loud enough so I couldn't hear him at all. They jumped in unison...which I thought was cute ;]...and the vocalist's dad was on hand to roadie and support his son. I thought, honestly, that was good parenting and kudos to dad!

Coinslot - from Bloomington, Indiana, playing funktastic rock.
[PHOTO] At one point, the keyboard player was on the floor playing and the female vocalist never stopped moving. They had energy and were entertaining.

The Natalie Fight - with keyboard infused emo from Bay City, MI.
[PHOTO] I didn't get to see or listen to these kids much, as we were up next and I was tuning the guitars up and getting ready, but I bought a CD and had them all sign it. These kids were nice and they had a cool bus! I especially liked the Kerry/Edwards signs on it ;] Kids like these make me so proud!!

Book Of Maps - from Portland, Oregon, playing progressive indie rock.
[PHOTO] It feels blasphemous to say this...but I think I like these guys better than can tell I'm serious by the tear in my eye, people. I can't even begin to express how much I like these guys. They were really nice, too, and moved their van so we could park, too! What I wanted to do while they were playing was slide up in front of the stage on my knees doing a double devil sign with my hands and then go into a sort of worship bow thing...but I figured everyone would think I was weird or something. They were all three very good, but Chris is an incredible guitar player. Christopher was great on bass and vocals, great to watch, and Skyler was solid on the drums. I'm listening to the CD now and looooooooooooving it. Please check these guys out and buy a CD if you can.

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